The Problem

Most settled concrete is due to poorly compacted soil during construction, soil shrinkage due to water evaporation during drought conditions and water erosion due to poor drainage, improper routing of gutter down spouts and surface cracks.

  • In new construction, rarely does a contractor take the time to properly compact the soil, they are up against time constraints and completion deadlines. It doesn’t take long for this soil to settle and start forming voids underneath your slabs.

  • Summer droughts and high temperatures cause moisture to evaporate from the soil causing soil shrinkage. This natural settling can happen at any time and is a slower less obvious problem until one day you trip over an offset walkway slab that has sunk or start to notice cracks on the surface of your concrete.

  • The progression of settlement due to water flow happens very quickly, and over a very short period of time. Improper down spout drainage can cause significant water saturation of an area and soil erosion thus causing the concrete to sink.

  • The cracks that form in your concrete due to settlement give water direct access to run beneath your slabs causing further soil erosion. Water flow direction must be addressed and cracks sealed. Let's face it, water is a homeowners worst enemy!!

These conditions only get worse over time and eventually cause your concrete to sink and become unlevel leaving unsightly cracks and dangerous trip hazards.  Garage floors that fall victim to soil settlement and erosion sink and put abnormal pressure on your foundation walls cracking them and setting you up for huge foundation repairs and expense. Let us fix this for you before it’s too late!!

The Solution

Slabjacking or Mudjacking is the process of raising and re-stabilizing concrete slabs that have settled or sunk due to poor soil conditions or soil erosion. It is sometimes referred to as “pressure grouting” as well. It can be performed on virtually any concrete slab or foundation area as well as to fill voids, cavities and sink holes. 


Some common problem areas:

  • WALKWAYS           


Performed properly, this process not only can raise the concrete back to grade; it can also eliminate costly water problems by filling hidden cavities you didn’t even know existed, thus diverting water away from your homes foundation. If you have water leaking into your basement at you front wall, you may have a void under your front stoop. If you have water leaking into your basement at your back wall, you may have a void under your patio.


Cracks that have formed in your basements foundation wall can be repaired by our epoxy or polyurethane injection system. This can eliminate moisture and water from entering into your basement through these cracks permanently, help prevent mold from forming and is extremely affordable.


The Advantages of Mudjacking or Slabjacking
  • Low cost. The cost to raise your concrete is typically 40 - 75% the cost compared to replacement. Sometimes savings are even greater then that!

  • It is a relatively quick and easy process that can usually be done in a matter of hours and can be done in virtually any weather

  • The Soil Cement Slurry injected under the slab provides a stable base, thus strengthening the slab in its entirety. It will be more stable after this process than when it was poured.

  • Since the slabs are not being removed, there is very little mess or inconvenience. This technique allows you to use the slab almost immediately.

  • Because the old slabs are still there, the color of the concrete remains the same and congruent.

  • Trip hazards can be removed cost effectively and quickly eliminating your liability and lawsuits.

  • There is little to no disruption of landscaping.

  • It’s a “Green” process! There is no waste involved, compared to slab replacement, where the removed material will end up in the landfill – results are much better environmentally.

  • We use a Soil Cement Slurry made from finely sifted top soil, sand and a measurable amount of cement. Our material is much closer in character to the soil under your concrete and less visible than a white powder limestone sometimes used.

  • No permits required for this process.

  • We offer an extended warranty against further sinking.

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