5 Ways To Fix a Damaged or Uneven Concrete Patio

Are you asking “Can you fix a damaged concrete patio?” Nowadays, many homeowners have resorted to using concrete for laying their patio. However, in time, concrete patios can begin to crack or sink as they age due to erosion, tear, settlement, and wear like other concrete structures. If these things begin to happen, you may need to fix the uneven concrete patio, but you may not know how. Read on to find out several ways you can repair a concrete patio.

Tips for Repairing Concrete Patios

Are you wondering how to level a concrete slab or fix something similar in your concrete patio? Here are several tips you can implement.

Resurface the Top

One solution to the issue of fixing a cracked or uneven concrete patio is by resurfacing the top of it. However, it is a superficial solution and only masks the actual issue. The cracks and furrows on your concrete patio may dissipate for a little while, but the settling and sinking issue that has left empty spaces below the concrete patio will remain. Voids will result in the concrete slabs rocking from side to side resulting in a hazardous solution later on.

Slab Jacking

This technique is also known as slap lifting or mud jacking. It is another solution that you can implement, no matter if the entire slab or certain portions of the slab have sunk.

However, this is not a method that you can use as a DIY project. This is because it requires certain equipment and knowledge to give the best results. Instead, you should approach a concrete professional to assist you in this process.

Polymer Slab Lifting

This is probably the newest advancement as far as concrete patio repair is concerned. This is a method that makes use of fewer follow-up issues and the need for lighter materials compared to slab jacking. A polymer material is pumped into holes and cracks of patio slabs. The material is pumped below the concrete patio’s surface where the void is filled.


This is the perfect solution, especially if you are looking to cover cracked concrete areas that are small on the patio. With this method, you will remove a part of the slab and pack sand below to support the slab. Any damaged section must then be cut and removed using a crowbar. You can then fill in sand and pack it firmly using a tamping machine prior to putting the concrete slab down.


This is probably among the best approaches you can use to repair a concrete patio that is uneven and cracked. If certain sections are not complete even when you put sand down, you can lay down a fresh layer of concrete using mortar.

However, you must make sure the surface of the concrete is rough and textured using a hammer and chisel. If you plan to veneer a section that you cut out earlier, you must use the chisel around the edges to get a good finish.