What Causes Concrete to Sink?

Concrete is a very sturdy material used for a variety of property and infrastructure development projects. While it can last for a long time, one issue you can have with a concrete foundation or other structure is that it can sink in some situations. If it does sink, the costs and time to remediate the problem can be significant. For those wondering what causes foundations to sink, various issues can result in this situation.

Poor Construction Practices

One of the reasons why concrete can start to sink is because of poor construction processes. A house or other project puts a lot of weight and stress on the land beneath it. Due to this, the dirt underneath the foundation of the home also needs to be strong. If you are wondering why does concrete sink, it could be due to poor construction practices that did not result in properly packing down the dirt beneath the concrete slab. Over time, this poor practice can result in part or all of the slab starting to sink down.

Water Intrusion

Another issue that could cause the concrete to sink is water intrusion. Water can have a major impact on the quality of the soil beneath your foundation. If water gets in this area routinely, it starts to wash away the dirt beneath your home. In some cases, this can ruin the entire structure beneath the foundation and your home can start to sink. Due to this risk, keeping water away from the foundation is important. One way to do this is by ensuring your downspouts are in good condition and water does not pool around your foundation.

Too Much Weight

Another issue that can cause the concrete to sink is if too much weight is put on a slab. This tends to be more of an issue with concrete slabs and parking spaces. For example, a concrete slab parking space may be designed to hold only a smaller or standard vehicle. If you place a heavy truck or other piece of machinery on it, the weight could start to take its toll on the concrete, and you may see it start to sink into the ground.

As it is a sturdy and durable material, concrete is used for the development of roads, foundations, and other important structures. Normally, concrete can last for a long time without any issues. However, some challenges can arise with the use of concrete, and this can result in it sinking over time.