Concrete Leveling FAQ

Although you may not think of it often, the concrete structures and slabs on your property are an essential part of your home investment. Concrete helps to keep a property neat, avoid erosion, and even helps to protect your car from damage. These are all reasons you should carefully consider how you will handle concrete repairs when needed. This quick guide will help to answer some of your concrete repair questions, such as how long does it take to level concrete. Let’s dive in.

Do I Need To Repair All Concrete Damage?

Yes. If you notice damage to any parts of your concrete, it is essential to have it repaired quickly. Damaged concrete will get progressively worse over time. Any damaged areas will allow water to seep down into cracks and under the slab. This water can start eroding the soil beneath the slab, weakening the entire structure. During the winter, water can also freeze, expand and cause further cracks in the concrete.

What Is Concrete Raising?

Raising the concrete can be a good way to avoid replacing your entire slab. This method is often used when a slab has started to settle but does not have any other types of visible damage. Raising concrete can be a quick and hassle-free repair job. During the process, the concrete slab can be raised, and additional soil can be added to correct the sinking.

What Is Polylifting?

Another option for repairs is polylifting. During this process, polyurethane injections are used to raise the concrete and stabilize the soil. This method is often chosen for its many benefits.

  • Long-lasting results
  • Only requires a few small holes
  • Lightweight so it will not further weigh down your slab.

What Is Damaging My Concrete?

Concrete damage can be caused by a few different factors.

  • Improperly compacted gravel at construction
  • Construction over backfilled soil
  • Improper water drainage on the property
  • Applying vehicles or objects that are overweight for the concrete

How Long Does Repair Take?

A basic driveway repair job should typically take about 1-3 hours. This depends on the number of slabs and how much it will need to be raised. Following cleanup, your polylifted concrete should be cured in as little as 15 minutes.

How Long Does Concrete Leveling Last Typically?

Quality concrete work should be expected to stay level for up to five years. A longer warranty cannot be offered because there is no way to estimate how the soil beneath the concrete and the polymer will behave over time. Polylifting uses a very lightweight material, though. This means that there will not be additional weight pulling down the concrete. This is very helpful in prolonging the life of your concrete.