You Need a Pro To Level Concrete and Here’s Why

The concrete on your property is a big investment. It is important that you know the best ways to protect your concrete and repair it when there is damage. There are a lot of methods for repairing concrete, but some are not quality solutions. In this quick guide, we will look at the best methods for how to fix an unlevel driveway.

Methods To Avoid

If you simply look online for ideas on how to level concrete or ways to fix your driveway, you will likely come up with some less-than-ideal methods. One of the methods that you should avoid is mudjacking.

This is an outdated concrete repair method involving lifting up the sinking concrete slabs. After this, a concoction of sand, cement, and dirt is pumped beneath the slab. This concoction is called a slurry. This concoction is intended to lift and fill the cracks compromising the concrete structure.

This is usually not an ideal solution for damaged concrete, because it will only last about two to five years.

Another reason you should avoid this method is that the slab will be unusable for up to 72 hours following the process. This leaves a wide window for further damage to take place.

Why Do People Use Mudjacking?

People will often turn to this method because they believe it to be more cost-effective. In the beginning, you may spend less money with this method than higher quality methods, but in the long run, you will simply need to repair your concrete slab again. This makes it a poor overall investment choice.

There are other reasons why mudjacking or DIY concrete repairs are a bad idea.

Additional weight – The slurry used in this method also carries a lot of weight with it. This weight will eventually pull down the concrete slab again, making it necessary to complete further repairs.

Messy – This method often requires that hundreds of pounds of slurry be used. If there are leaks or spills, which is common, this process can get very messy.

Further damage – To do this method in the first place, holes will need to be drilled into the concrete. These holes can easily turn into further cracks and damage.

Not a waterproof option – This is not a waterproof option. This means eventually water will get down into the concrete structure, causing further problems.

Professional Options

Luckily this is not the only option available to you for repairing concrete. If you need concrete repairs or driveway leveling, you should reach out to a local concrete expert. They will be able to evaluate the damage to your concrete and make recommendations concerning the best way to repair the damage. Methods such as polyjacking are much more efficient than mudjacking and will help to protect the investment you have made into your concrete rather than damage it.

Remember, concrete repairs are rarely a DIY project. It is best to reach out to a professional for help with this project to protect the value of your home.