Driveway & Sidewalk Jacking in St Joseph, MO

Do you have un-level slabs of concrete in your driveway or on the sidewalk in front of your home? You may not realize this, but sunken concrete slabs are actually a common problem in the area that we service. We provide a hassle-free service with transparent pricing and a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Driveway Jacking

When you live in a home for a while, you may eventually start to notice the decay in your driveway. Some may be fortunate enough to only experience a lowering of the cement slabs without any cracking. The main cause for this problem is that the soil underneath was not properly prepared when the concrete slabs were laid down.

We can help with this problem. We use a specialized blend of pressurized fill to lift the slabs back up and into place. If you’ve considered getting your driveway fixed but were put off by the potential cost, then we’re here to tell you that the cost of mudjacking is only a fraction of having your concrete driveway removed and replaced. In addition, depending on how serious the problem is, we can come in and get the job done in a matter of hours.

We are able to come in and address the problem by quickly and discretely injecting our filler into the concrete. We can efficiently and effectively help you to address the problem you have.

This process will not only save you money but also time.

Drilling School Cement

Sidewalk Jacking

Your sidewalk not only adds to the curb appeal of your home, but it is also one of the determining factors when your home is being valued before a sale. In addition to this, un-level slabs of cement on your sidewalk could pose a serious threat to pedestrians who may trip and fall.

The cost of repairs is always a major factor taken into consideration before home or business owners make a decision to part with their hard-earned money. This is not only a health and safety investment but also an investment in the aesthetic appeal of your home or business.

Our qualified technicians will come out to your property to assess the damage and the best possible course of action to remedy the problem. We have years of industry experience and can help you by offering a quick, reliable, and affordable solution to your sunken sidewalk. Call our offices today at (816) 271-5551 to speak to a qualified and trained representative about how we can help you.

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